There are a variety of reasons to detail your vehicle. Perhaps you’re trying to sell your automobile or are planning a road vacation. Perhaps you simply want your car to look and feel spanking new.

Whatever your purpose for detailing your automobile in Vancouver, WA or the Portland, Oregon area, there are a few measures you should take before bringing it in. This may sound similar to cleaning your house before hiring a maid service, but there are a number of advantages to washing your car and completing other preparation activities prior to hiring a car detailing service.

Conduct research and decide what you desire.

There are numerous different types of detailing processes available. Additionally, you should decide if you want the interior or exterior detailed. This is mostly determined by the reason for your visit to a Phoenix, AZ vehicle wash for detailing in the first place. Spend time researching different companies and do not be scared to ask questions.

Photograph both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

This is a simple and quick approach to protect yourself from any potential catastrophes that may arise when detailing your car. Take note of any broken, scratched, or out-of-place items. This also provides as a convenient approach for you to conduct a before-and-after comparison to determine your level of satisfaction with the job performed.

Clean Loose Garbage from the interior of your vehicle

Taking any loose garbage and personal belongings out of your car will benefit not only the person detailing your car, but also you. Because the amount of time spent detailing your automobile is directly proportional to the price you’ll pay, removing personal possessions and rubbish from your vehicle eliminates the need for the person cleaning your car to spend time removing and sorting loose items.

Clean your automobile

It would be prudent to wash your automobile prior to getting the exterior detailed to expedite the procedure. The most effective approach of washing your car is to rinse it first and then use the two-bucket method.

This approach entails wetting the wash mitt in a special auto soap and rinsing it in another bucket that contains just clean water and a grit guard. Begin at the top of your automobile and work your way down, section by section, removing filth from the wash mitt with the second bucket. Ensure that separate buckets are used for the wheels, and dry gently with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning your vehicle prior to car detailing in Vancouver, WA or Portland, Oregon can save you money and make the job of the detailer much easier.

Call us immediately to have your vehicle detailed.

Therefore, prior to getting your car detailed, you should do some research, photograph it, clean up the interior, and wash the exterior. Once you’ve arranged for a vehicle wash in Vancouver, WA / Portland, Oregon, give Tans Auto Detailing a call. We understand the level of pride you have in your vehicle, and our goal is to make it look and feel fantastic.

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