Virginia Takes Speeding Very Seriously

While speeding tickets are among the most common types of traffic tickets distributed, many other traffic offenses warrant for a ticket. Some of these offenses include parking on a red curb, running a red light, driving too slow, and reckless driving. If you are given a traffic ticket for a traffic violation, there will be a fine printed directly on the ticket as well as a court date if you need to appear in court, this is not always the case. There will also be a date on which the fine is due, and if you fail to pay your fine on time you could face additional charges and a warrant may be put out for your arrest.

The state of Virginia takes speeding very seriously. The standard traffic ticket is $6 for every mile over the speed limit, $7 for every mile over the speed limit in a school or work zone, and $8 for every mile over the speed limit in a residential area. On top of that, there is a $200 fine as well just for receiving the ticket. The state of Virginia also adds on a $62 fee for every traffic conviction.

If you are pulled over for going 20 mph over the posted speed limit, or over 80 mph in any given area, you will be charged with reckless driving and the fines will skyrocket. You could be charged with up to a $2500 fine, and you could even face jail time. A reckless driving charge is a class one misdemeanor.

Not only will you be fined for speeding, but you will also be ticketed for driving too slow. You can be fined $30 on top of the $200 ticket charge and $62 traffic conviction charge. Driving slow causes a lot of issues such as creating unneeded traffic and backups on the road, as well as accidents.

Virginia Driving Record Points

In addition to fines and penalties for receiving a traffic ticket, the state of Virginia uses a driving record point system. Depending on your case, you could receive 3-6 points on your driving record, and they will remain on your record for two years. This will make your insurance premium increase significantly and if the points accumulate you can have your license suspended or revoked.

If you choose a local Richmond traffic attorney could be assigned to your case, and they could get your points reduced or removed altogether. They can also negotiate your traffic ticket and the fines and penalties associated with them. Keeping your driving record clean is vital for many reasons, and a traffic attorney may be able to do that for you.